Our experienced team has been involved in a diverse range of projects from meticulous renovation of historically significant housing to total rehabilitation of luxury high rises.  By working closely with our clients, we have been able to provide budget conscious solutions to the evolving needs of complicated projects.

Our solid track record of delivering high quality product at the lowest possible cost has led to our growth and success as a single source solution for all construction related projects.  PRI consistently delivers projects on time and within budget with a commitment to personalized customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

Pre Construction

The success of your project is dependent upon decisions made in the beginning of the job. Our skilled professionals work closely with our clients in the pre-construction phase to provide assessments and recommendations that will help the project progress smoothly.

Our preconstruction services exceed the standards for estimating and value engineering which allow our team to create reliable schedules and estimates. We incorporate the most relevant technologies and processes, and get the right people involved at the appropriate time, to stay within budget and meet your overall goals and objectives.

General Contractor

As your General Contractor, PRI will create a specialized team using our extensive network of subcontractors and in-house personnel. We will be fully responsible for overall contract administration on your behalf and will also develop the means and methods to construct your project in accordance with your performance requirements.

Our experienced and versatile team will be responsible for the day-to-day oversight of your project including coordinating subcontractors, managing worker and public safety, monitoring site access and logistics, cost control reporting, verifying quality, and enforcement of the construction schedule.

Construction Management

PRI’s construction management team has more than 40 combined years of experience at our clients’ disposal. Our approach ensures that collaboration among the contractor, design team and owner offers effective controls. By monitoring the construction process, establishing project milestones, and maintaining effective communication, PRI will assure that your construction project is completed on time and within budget.

Casualty Loss Restoration

Whatever the size of the loss, wherever it is located, PRI will respond with speed, precision and expertise. When assisting in loss management and restoration, our focus is to mitigate physical damages, business interruption and additional expense. Our underlying goal is to help our clients return to normalcy as quickly as possible.

Commercial Construction

No matter the project size, PRI is committed to honoring completion dates. Thus, our schedules are truly reflective of the scope of work.  We also know that quality and cost control are key to client satisfaction. That is why we work collaboratively with all subcontractors and always keep our clients informed of project status.

Mechanical Services

Whether it be residential or commercial, we can provide top notch mechanical contracting services. Our highly trained staff can help keep all mechanical services running at the highest level of efficiency and can provide guidance regarding equipment upgrades and replacement.